Stainless Air Hardline 5/16" ( -5AN )

Arizona High Test

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AHT 516HL-1
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Product Overview

Stainless Steel Bright Annealed 5/16" Line, ( -5AN )

Tip: Dont let anyone tell you this airline is tool small to run an air suspension system. Smaller airline is very precise and has a small sealing surface that prevents leaks in any air suspension set up.

Guaranteed not to crack or split when flaring. We have searched all over to find a line that delivers perfect results when flaring every single time.

Our 5/16" Stainless hardline is compatable with all air suspension set ups. Being such a small air line it helps make very precise adjustments to the height of your system. Its a great addition to any digital auto leveling system such as Accuair or Airlift as well as any other system with manual control as well. It can be flared to 37 Degree or 45 Degree with ease. It flares and bends without killing your tooling.

A tubing straightener will be needed to straighten roll before use.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review